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MTS has been relocating oversized commercial and industrial structures for over 60 years, including 40 plus years moving above ground steel storage tanks. Traditionally, MTS has used beams and dollies to move tanks longer distances. For shorter distances, and for tanks needing to be moved within very tight confines, MTS has invented and developed the "Tank Turtle" system.

Shorter Distances

We think Lifting and Moving tanks is the most fun any contractor can have in a tank farm! Our tank turtles are the ultra precise way of moving any size of tank on a tricky 3D course. See Unique Projects – Kamloops for the most challenging relocation so far.


Think of it like this: We put adjustable hydraulic casters with 360 degree horizontal direction control and 8 ft. vertical suspension under a tank. We can drive it straight, backward, at any angle, rotate 360 degrees on a dime. We can follow a smooth curved path or rotate to fit the tank to piping. We raise the tank and turtles to climb over obstacles. All this happens on small footprints that do not extend much outside the tank diameter. Hydraulic powered Turtles move very slowly and safely, then they stop to ‘pull in their legs’ and maybe change direction before they move ahead another 30 inches.  

Longer Distances

For longer distances, we need to take a different strategy. If there is a wide, clear roadway to move a tank a longer distance, MTS implements beams and wheeled dollies pulled by trucks. This saves time and money over the slower moving Tank Turtles.

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